Welcome to Serene Step Massage, the home of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® in Birmingham, AL!

Beginning in the East, ashiatsu’s history comes from various places. Many different styles of barefoot massage have originated from India, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and China; some are done on the floor, others require balancing props like chairs, bamboo rods and even ropes. 
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®, “ashi” meaning “foot” and “atsu” meaning “pressure”, is  a western style of barefoot massage that can be very deep. I use bars that are suspended from the ceiling to balance my weight, allowing me to adjust the pressure to your liking. You will lay on a massage table and cream is applied to the entire body before the bodywork begins. I use my feet to apply specifically designed strokes, resulting in fascial release, freeing vertebrae and subsequently, vertebral discs. I also use my feet to massage your legs, feet, and hands.

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