Agave Body Wellness

Agave Body Wellness is owned and operated by Marsia Applegate. Marsia started as a medical aesthetician over 20 years ago, and offers even more now than just skin care. Permanent makeup, lash extensions, weight loss assistance (she’s a certified personal trainer!), just to name a few. She helps me maintain my skin. She knows exactly what I need; a light peel? Microdermabrasion? Good ol’ European facial? She knows because she is consistent with her work. I trust her experienced judgement, and that’s why I recommend her. We work side by side as colleagues, but maintain independent businesses. You will find that when booking an appointment online with one of us, you can find availabilities for the other. We have that as a convenience for you so that if you’d like to come in for a massage followed by a facial or get waxed before a massage, you may do so with more ease.

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