What I Offer

I offer all of the time that you pay for. Please arrive on time**. If you have never seen me before, I ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out some paperwork. No time is taken away for undressing, your consultation, or dressing.

Aromatherapy is complimentary. The smell factor alone is very beneficial. Have a bruise? An aching muscle? A headache? A cold? There’s something to help all of those things.

I offer the same price for all techniques.

  • Ashi, excellent for chronic, low back pain. If you love deep tissue, you will love this technique!
  •  Swedish massage, with classic movements that include sliding and kneading, are great for relaxing.
  • Prenatal, great for decreasing swelling, regulating hormones and, relief of back pain. You will lay on your side with a large pillow. A doctor’s release is required before treatment. If your pregnancy is considered high risk, massage may not be a safe option.

**All services have a specific time scheduled. If late arrival is inevitable, your service time may be shortened in order to keep on schedule. You are still responsible for the “full” session. Clients who are a “no-show” or fail to cancel their appointment within a 24-hour time period will be required to use a credit card to hold any future appointments. Again, you are responsible for the “full” session. Your card will not be charged unless you fail to show for the appointment or your reservation is not cancelled within a 24-hour time period.